Using Kindle Fire for Business: Must-Have Apps & Accessories

The Kindle Fire isn’t just for reading anymore – with full internet connectivity, you can play games, watch movies, listen to music and more! However, the Kindle Fire isn’t all fun and games – it’s actually a powerful tablet that can double as a professional business tool.

Tired of lugging that second shoulder bag for your laptop, or cramming an oversized netbook into your briefcase? Lighten your load by using your Kindle Fire for all your needs in the business world. With a powerful dual core processor and hundreds of convenient apps designed to help you get the job done, the Kindle Fire is your all-in-one tool during business hours and beyond.

Working Smart – Kindle Fire For Business

You can use your Kindle Fire as a full scale office planner, keeping track of meetings, coordinating phone conferences, and communicating with your team. While your Kindle Fire comes preloaded with several apps that can be used for business, there’s a lot you can do to add functionality and turn your out-of-the-box Kindle Fire into a powerhouse of a business tool!

Microsoft Office Apps

While Microsoft hasn’t rolled out dedicated apps for the Kindle Fire yet, most Word documents and Excel spreadsheets can easily be read on the Kindle Fire with the pre-installed QuickOffice. If you want to edit them, simply upgrade to QuickOffice Pro, or buy another inexpensive fully supported app like DataViz’s Documents To Go.

QuickOffice is also supposed to support PowerPoint presentations, but many users report problems with PPT files. There’s a quick fix – with a bit of tweaking you can access problematic PowerPoint presentations by converting the PPT files into Kindle readable video files (Wondershare has a terrific free download called PPT2Video Pro that makes converting PowerPoint files a snap!)


Using the Kindle Fire for Meetings or Sales Presentations 

The Kindle Fire may be a bit small for using in the boardroom, but it’s excellent for in the field use. Catch your boss in the hallway and want to pitch a quick idea? All your data is easily accessed from the cloud. Closing a sale over lunch? You can take payment via credit card through a safe and secure mobile app!

The ability to play demo videos, share information and check in with other members of the team discreetly makes the Kindle Fire a great tool for business. All that’s currently lacking is the ability to connect your Kindle Fire to a projector or monitor for larger presentations.

7 Must Have On-The-Go Business Apps for the Kindle Fire

  1. Mighty Meeting is a powerful app for business! Upload, download, send, and share all content through your Kindle Fire. Give on the spot mini-presentations, hold instant meetings with co-workers across the globe, present demos and join online discussions. (Free through Amazon.)
  2. Evernote allows the capability to make lists or notebooks and share them with others straight from your Kindle fire. This is a great application for project management as you can assign tasks and watch them get checked off by others on the team. (Free through Amazon.)
  3. MailDroid is a user designed email client handler that works across platforms with instant message notification and the ability to handle heavy incoming mail traffic while letting you quickly and easily sort mail into folders. (Free with fade-in ads through Amazon.)
  4. PaymentMax turns your Kindle Fire into a credit card processor on the spot, allowing you to take payments safely and securely anytime, anywhere. Accepts all major cards including AmEx, with a flat rate of 20 cents per transaction plus fees as low as 1.59%. (Per transaction paid app through PaymentMax.)
  5. Smart Writing Tool – 7notes Premium lets you use a simple stylus to take notes on your Kindle Fire – instead of your boss and co-workers thinking you are texting, it’s obvious you are note-taking! Smart even converts your handwritten notes into digital text with state of the art handwriting recognition software. (99 cents though Amazon.)
  6. WiFi Analyzer tells you which network is best anyplace, anytime, so you can stay connected and keep getting the job done on the go. (Free through Amazon.)
  7. TripIt is a full service travel itinerary organizer – keeping all of your flight, hotel and restaurant reservations organized and at your fingertips. Also allows you to earcn rewards point! (Free with ads through Amazon.)


On the Go Accessories for the Kindle Fire

Your Kindle is an investment, so treat it like one. Once you’ve loaded it up with all the best apps for business, it will be you go-to device, so protecting and making it more functional only makes sense!

ŸA travel case is a must have. Check out this Certified “Made for Kindle” Marware travel case for the Kindle Fire; it features a zippered closure for added security and an exterior zippered pocket for small personal items such as IDs, cash or credit cards.

ŸInternational power adapters are a must for the globetrotting business executive. Gomadics wall chargers for the Kindle Fire come with 4 different adapter ends so you’ll be able to plug in and charge up anywhere in the world.

ŸHaving an extra battery can make all the difference in the world when you can use a wall charger or PC to get more juice. This rechargeable battery from EZOPower is compatible with the Kindle Fire and has an integrated microchip to prevents overcharging. Perfect for when you want to keep working when your flight is late!

ŸA screen protector prevents scratches, smudges and damage from coffee spills. Belkin screen protectors for the Kindle Fire come with a cleaning cloth and cardboard “squeegee” to aid installation. (Installation video available on Amazon.)

Ÿ Speakers can make your Kindle Fire much more versatile. Check out the ReaderDock’s F-Station, which combines speakers, a charger, headphone jacks and a docking station in one elegant product.


Kindle Fire Video Tutorials

Want to know how to get more out of your Kindle Fire in the business world? Check out these videos for cool tips and products.


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