Nook Docking Station Benefits… Rejoice, the ReaderDock N-Station is Here!

Why do you need a nook docking station with speakers and recharging capability?  A fully loaded Nook docking station will make using and charging your B&N Nook Color or Nook Tablet easy and fun – and fortunately one is finally here.

Nook Docking StationHere’s 6 amazing ways a Nook docking station can make your Nook Color or Nook Tablet a whole lot more enjoyable!

1.  Crystal Clear Speakers.

While the Nook Color and Nook Tablet have a built-in speaker, it’s not designed to transmit sound much further than a few feet. A Nook docking station with speakers would allow you to set your Nook down and work or play while enjoying terrific crystal clear sound. Likewise, the speaker already existing in the Nook is a bit tinny for listening to music or for audio behind a streaming movie or video, not to mention it is mono. A Nook dock with speakers means not missing a single lyric or bit of dialogue, in amazing stereo sound!

2.  Hand Free Reading & Viewing.

Even though the Nook is lightweight, holding it can get to be a bit of a chore. A Nook docking station can hold your Nook upright and let you read, listen to music or audio-books, or watch streaming video while you do other things with your hands – like cook, clean or just clap to the beat!

3.  Vertical or Horizontal Viewing.

A well designed Nook dock will hold your Nook vertically or horizontally, letting you play games like Angry Birds or Scrabble with ease. Read your favorite fiction book in single page format, or flip the Nook sideways to make reading a picture book easy.

4.  Battery Charging.

Charging your Nook Color or Tablet can be something of a pain, especially because it cannot be charged from any standard USB port such as the one on your PC. It can only be charged with the proprietary Nook wall adapter and cable. Charging your Nook can be clumsy especially if you run the risk of knocking your Nook off the desk onto the floor. A Nook docking station / recharger will hold your nook and allow you to charge right from the cradle.

Additionally, the Nook docking station will allow you to charge your battery and play at the same time, which can again be clumsy to do when you’re attached to the cable and power adapter. Never have the battery die in the middle of a streaming movie again!

5.  Stability.

This is very important in a Nook docking station – a simple stand that just lets you lean your dock against it can end up being top-heavy. A good Nook dock holds your Nook Color or Nook Tablet securely and won’t tip over!

6.  Multi-functionality.

This is perhaps the biggest benefit to a Nook docking station. Instead of having to plug it in and charge it, then hook it up to some jerry-rigged speakers, you can have it all in one place at one time – superior sound with chargeability!

If these benefits sound like something you’d enjoy, check out the N-Station by ReaderDock – the first and only multifunctional Nook docking station with built in speakers and recharging capability.