How to Find & Download Free Kindle Fire eBooks

Free eBooks for your Kindle Fire are in abundance, thanks to numerous sites which allow a quick and easy free ebook downloads in a variety of genres. Whether you are an enthusiast of all Kindle books, are a student looking for high quality study material, are a fan of the classics or just want some light fiction to read on holiday, free ebooks for your Kindle are just a few clicks away.

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Free eBooks for Kindle from Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg is the first and largest single collection of free electronic books, or eBooks. Its founder, Michael Hart, is credited with inventing eBooks in 1971. These books have been digitized and proofed with the help of thousands of volunteers, and are presented legally for eBook download to a variety of eReaders.

The free eBooks offered by Project Gutenberg books were previously published by bona fide publishers, and are free in the United States because their copyright has expired.  They may not be free of copyright in other countries, so readers outside of the United States should check the copyright laws of their countries before downloading or redistributing Project Gutenberg eBooks.

Classics, plays, fiction, non-fiction, essays and poetry are only a few of the offerings available at Project Gutenberg, and are ready for reading in a variety of formats, online or on eReaders. For example, A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens can be downloaded with or without pictures as a free eBook for the Kindle Fire.

Hot Tip: Go to the Kindle bookstore and search for “0.00.” You’ll find dozens of free books available for immediate download to your device. Whoa, that was easy!

Free Kindle Books on Amazon

Amazon offers a huge range of free eBooks at any given time.  Some eBook authors will give away their early books for free in hopes of attracting a paying audience for follow-up books in a series. Amazon also has a 5,000 strong selection of eBook free downloads in their lending promotion for Prime members so Kindle Fire users can get bestseller like The Hunger Games and Water for Elephants.

Free eBook Downloads Through ManyBooks

ManyBooks makes nearly all that Gutenberg has to offer available as well as other texts in various languages. ManyBooks pays a modest sum for writers to promote the site and also makes use of volunteers to proofread the digitized books.

According to the site. “eBooks are generated on demand using a variety of tools, and cached using Amazon’s S3 service – which means that the first time anyone requests an eBook in a particular format it will take a bit longer to deliver, but the next time that eBook is requested it will be sent immediately.“


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Free Kindle eBooks from FeedBooks

FeedBooks offers eBooks for sale as well as free eBook downloads. Most of the eBooks for free download are copyright free, like the ones from Project Gutenberg or ManyBooks, but there are also original free eBooks by new authors available for download as well. (Note for the faint of heart – many of these appear to be erotica, so visit the free original books page at your own risk!)

Free eBook Downloads for Kindle from Baen

Baen is a publisher of print books which has set up a site for the authors to give away free eBook downloads of their books as a kind of experiment to see how free eBook downloads really affect their book sales. So far, it is a resounding success, with the exposure from the eBook free downloads bringing in even more sales for the participating authors.

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Free Library eBooks

Most local libraries now have Kindle versions of books available so you can simply go to your library and ‘check out’ a book using your Kindle Fire. Unfortunately, just like print books, the eBooks for Kindle at your library are limited in copies, and you can only ‘keep’ them for a restricted period of time before they automatically are ‘checked back in’ and disappear from your reading list.

Free eBook Download Scams

The following sites offer ‘subscription’ service (similar to Amazon’s Prime library) but do not operate legally and should be avoided.

If you are looking for free eBook downloads for Kindle, stay away from these and use Amazon approved sources instead to avoid fraudulent credit card charges, piracy, and computer viruses.